Employee engagement – Engaged and Almost Engaged

Engaged employees are those having their personal interests aligned with their organization’s interest. “They contribute fully to the success of the organization and find great satisfaction in their work”.

Engaged employees are committed and do not hesitate to pay additional effort, adapt to needs and stay highly flexible.

Engaged employees are a pleasure to see, as they found the balance between their efforts and their reward, whatever the latter is. Engaged employees are often living advertisement for the organization as they personify success, living examples for others. Truly engaged employees are seldom negatively criticized by their colleagues as their success / satisfaction is the reward of visible efforts they pay.

Success attracts success and engaged employees are more likely center of management’s attention. First because they are reliable and committed, second because they need be kept engaged. Lack of management’s attention could lead them to slip into X model’s adjacent segments and negatively impact organization’s performance and possibly their colleagues’ morale. The loss of effort/reward balance could make faithful employees more sensitive to recruiters’ calls.
As long as management takes care and the balance is granted, engagement goes on.

I remember having great team of leader ladies in my electronics assembly plant. Most of them were former workers promoted for their abilities and potential. I think they were engaged and I had little to do to keep them performing, just pay daily attention; visiting their lines with them, discussing problems and how to solve them, encouraging their initiatives, sincerely praising their achievements.
In return I had little trouble coping with details, they perfectly took care about everything.

Almost Engaged employees are close to the engaged, count among the high performers and are reasonably satisfied with their job, yet lack the little something to push them fully into engagement and satisfaction.

I often see high potentials with big expectations, paying great effort to support their organization but waiting better and more attention form senior management. They may want a better position but there is no vacancy or more feedback about their achievements.

Happy people have no stories, almost engaged as engaged may not attract enough attention precisely because they are successful, reliable, faithful, performers.
There is little for management to do to shift them into full engagement, hence having them perform even better.
Alas I have seen / still see real talents and high potentials wasted because management cannot see them. Almost Engaged employees are easier to lure away.

Compared to other types, engaged excepted, the Almost Engaged require the smallest management effort for the biggest return.



The credit for BlessingWhite ‘X’ model of employee engagement goes to BlessingWhite.
I have no connections to BlessingWhite. Opinion, analysis and testimonies are all mine.

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