Checklist for Gemba walks

Can gemba walks be self-taught? I think so. What it takes basically to go-and-see is a lean thinking, striving-continuously-to-improve mindset. Yet rookie gemba walkers may not know what to look for or what to pay attention to when walking alone. When initiation is done with a sensei, the latter may ask questions to his disciple … Continue reading Checklist for Gemba walks


What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese word made of two Chinese characters meaning "change for better". The common translation of Kaizen is "continuous improvement". Kaizen is about small incremental improvements without spending much money, involving everyone from managers to workers, and using common sense. Kaizen encourages small improvements day after day, continuously. It is an on-going, never-ending … Continue reading What is Kaizen?

What is Gemba?

Gemba is a Japanese word translated as “actual place” or “real place” that got common to the Lean community lingo and refers to “the place where value is created”. For factory workers Gemba is the shopfloor, while for office workers Gemba is the office, for hospital staff, Gemba is hospital itself and for salesforces Gemba … Continue reading What is Gemba?

Goal Tree chronicles – What are our CSF?

In this company the CEO had a clear statement of the Goal, already communicated about it but asked us to align all the organization and get momentum for action. The middle management had long be enjoying cosy situation and the perspective of a change was not that welcome. I strongly recommended to use the Goal … Continue reading Goal Tree chronicles – What are our CSF?

Goal tree chronicles – what is our Goal?

One morning a colleague of mine asked me for an advice. He was stuck in a project where his client was urged by corporate to downsize his business unit (mainly IT support to all other departments) and outsource non-essential activities. This client was unable to define his non-essential activities and my colleague found no compelling … Continue reading Goal tree chronicles – what is our Goal?

Lean rule of thirds

The rule of thirds here has nothing to do with framing picture in photography even if some metaphoric similarities can be discussed. The rule of thirds I am thinking about is the potential improvement with Lean. My own experience tells me that every time a process is analyzed in a lean way, at least 30% … Continue reading Lean rule of thirds