One more management lesson from candy crush

In a previous post I wrote about parallels between candy crush and management practices, meanwhile I took another lesson while struggling to crush virtual candies.

I was stuck in level 100 for a long time, long enough to feed me up and let me try to accumulate 2048 in a matrix, another addictive game you may know.

In candy crush level 100 lays a bomb that looked very much like a cartoon time bomb. I logically tried to wipe out this bomb before its time elapsed and… invariably failed to complete the level.

>lisez-moi en français

Some times because the bomb went off before I could neutralize it, sometimes because I used up so many moves to get rid of the bomb I had not enough left to eliminate the gelatin.

One day as I gave it a new try, I allowed myself more time to consider the candies’ arrangement and noticed the number on the bomb would not decrease if I didn’t move a candy.

So this is no time bomb but one triggered when the allowed movements were used up. The number on the bomb displayed the moves before explosion, not the remaining time!

From the beginning I played with a false assumption. I relied on my first belief and did not check my assumption.

I kept being fooled by appearances as the faster I moved the candies in my hurry to get rid of the bomb, the faster this one blew up.

Once I realized I could take time and smarter plan my moves, results improved!

The irony of this story is that I advice so many people to refrain from hurrying into action, check their assumptions and run experiments to solve problems and failed to do it in this simple case. Shame on me!

Me included, how many people rush to solutions believing they have sufficient understanding of the problem?

This wicked game taught me a vexing lesson, up to me not to repeat it!


Special notice to NSA and the like: there is no hidden message in this post, it’s just about candy crush saga

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